Industrial Technology Magazine - March 2017

The advanced  machines technology has clear goals: grant the best productivity and quality of machining of large workpieces. The structure is characterized with exceptional strength and rigidity. The base, the uprights, table and the movable traverses are specifically designed and reinforced for maximum rigidity to eliminate twisting, bending and vibration, at maximum power.
The series offer table diameters between 1.200mm and 6.000mm and turning diameters between 2.500mm and 6.700mm and 120 ton of table capacity.
These solutions, that integrate flexibility and design modularity, offers various configurations without precluding the possibility to have special solutions (one or two vertical carriage, multiple tool-holders, tool-magazines with automatic tool changer and palletized systems). The movements of RAM, X-axis and eventually table are hydrostatic. The power can reach 150kw and over with a torque of 265.000 Nm


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