Model A

These machines are intended primarily for working particularly in the automotive sector, extremely flexible, customizable and designed with a strong modularity with the possible application of different accessories.

This is the simplest machine of the range dedicated to the turning operations. The machine in the TM version integrates the drilling and milling features that are recurring in the components of the automotive industry.

This turning and milling center, with Y-axis and with motorized turret is able to realize the most varied operations required by the components of the automotive industry.

A10-Oval Turning
This machine has been designed specifically for performing “asymmetric” turning, mainly in the machining of pistons. The realization of the asymmetric profile is achieved by an additional linear axis controlled by CNC and managed by patented software developed by IMT Intermato SpA

Automatic lines
Using the machines of this series is possible to design automatic lines for the realization of the complete machining and formatted around the work pieces. The IMT Intermato "turnkey"solution includes, in addition to the machines the handling of the components inside the line and measurement stations.

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High Speed Machining Vertical Lathes

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Vertical Lathes with Table up to 1600 mm, Fixed Traverse

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Vertical Lathes with Turning capacity up to 7000 mm