The “WB24-PATENT” is configurated as a Two Axis Vertical Lathe with an auxiliary “U” axis synchronized with the turning spindle in order to perform “asymmetric” profiles.

Proven asymmetric turning capability is utilized, with dynamic and static balancing systems incorporated into the machine base creating High Speed Detection Systems. The combination of these technologies allows us to create a unique machine.

After loading of the workpiece, dimensional inspection and unbalance, is realized, the asymmetric turning reduces and eliminates residual unbalance within the desired set tolerance.

The WB24-PATENT machine comes from the increasingly stringent tolerance reduction of vehicle manufacturers to produce increased quality wheels. Wheel manufacturers gain huge benefits by reducing production rework and waste.

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High Speed Machining Vertical Lathes

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Vertical Lathes with Table up to 1600 mm, Fixed Traverse

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Vertical Lathes with Turning capacity up to 7000 mm