Vertical Lathes NTM

The design studies of Vertical Lathes with Turning capacity up to 7000 mm NTM model was conceived and developed as a machining unit with high technology and capable of performing a large number of machining processes without part relocation or removal, providing increased production.
The NTM products, technologically advanced, are designed for the machining of medium size products with heavy chip removal. The introduction of a highly innovative machine, capable of performing all the operations of turning and milling in a single set up both vertical and horizontal – ensures profitable production, reduced processing time and reduced costs.

A modern system, with multiple abilities, turning vertical or horizonatally, milling vertical or horizontally with newly developed special attachment heads ensures productivity gains and lower production costs.

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High Speed Machining Vertical Lathes

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Vertical Lathes with Table up to 1600 mm, Fixed Traverse

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Vertical Lathes with Turning capacity up to 7000 mm