Vertical Lathes VBM

To provide highly competitive machines that meet the ever-increasing demands of the market: these are the things that IMT Intermato realized with the construction of Vertical Lathes and special solutions in the world of turning.

The advanced VBM Vertical Lathes technology has clear goals: Ensuring the best productivity and Quality of machining of large workpieces. The capablility of ensuring minimum set ups of numerous components with either one or two carriages, automatic tool changers with multiple tool holders, magazines and pallet systems.

The double column supporting structure is characterized with exceptional strength and rigidity. The base, the uprights, table and the movable traverses are specifically designed and reinforced for maximum rigidity to eliminate twisting, bending and vibration, at maximum power.


Special application Asymmetric turning


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High Speed Machining Vertical Lathes

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Vertical Lathes with Table up to 1600 mm, Fixed Traverse

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Vertical Lathes with Turning capacity up to 7000 mm