New JW series

From 30 years IMT Intermato S.p.A. designs, produces and optimizes machines and plants for the machining of light alloy wheels. In 1983 the machine mod. SF500, a deeply innovative machine for that period, was introduced. Since then thousands of applications have been installed around the world, getting an always higher success due to the reliability and the quality, consolidated by the launching of the series W in 1994 and by the development of advanced solutions for the automatic machining.

IMT Intermato S.p.A. placed itself as reference point not only for the users but also for the manufacturers which were inspired from its innovations and ideas.Leader, as we are, we don’t sink into our success and we have constantly developed new solutions treasuring customers suggestions which daily bring our machines to the limit.

The fundamental co-operation between customer and supplier as well as our will to be always a step forward respect to the competitors, brings us to place by the series WN, that will stay in production for the manual solution, the new series JW.


You are welcome at our plant in Crosio della Valle in order to look at our machines and our solutions.


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